Like the LARENS RETAIL LINE, the PROFESSIONAL LINE is made in Poland and Switzerland by the WELLU GROUP under SWISS QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS, and is sold primarily to beauty salons, skin care professionals, spas, etc. Our website only includes the RETAIL LINE of products. For information on how to obtain the PRO LINE, please contact us by email to:

Larens-Nature-and-ScienceFrom Nature to Science:

LARENS PROFESSIONAL LINE is a specialized brand of cosmeceuticals for face and body skin care. It offers preparations which are a revolutionary combination of scientific achievements and the wonder of nature. Their formulations are created at WELLU laboratories under the supervision of scientists and doctors from the WellU Scientific Council and Scientific Partners. LARENS PRO LINE cosmeceuticals are an effective, yet non-invasive and safe way to look young and healthy.




Nature-and-Science2Treatments that work! What is behind the exceptional effectiveness and immediate effects of treatments using LARENS PRO preparations?

The LARENS PRO LINE includes only natural preservatives that not only protect against the action of micro-organisms, but also improve the absorbtion of active ingredients and moisturize the skin. They are free of allergenic substances, are completely safe and natural.




LARENS PRO LINE formulations include Liposomal Collagen Complex that contain pure collagen obtained from bioactive fish peptides enclosed in a lipid bilayer, which reaches the deep layers of the skin and supplies natural collagen fibers and peptide fractions directly to the damaged areas in the skin, rebuilding it from the inside. Research shows that the peptides are activated in stressful situations, such as inflammation, frostbite, cuts or burns – this makes the skin regenerate at a much faster level.

All LARENS cosmeceuticals also contain BIOPEPTIDE COMPLEX, which is rich in growth factors, obtained through biotechnology from natural raw materials. They activate DNA synthesis, cells begin to multiply, filling the  defects in the skin and smoothing and eliminating wrinkles. The newly formed cells and blood vessels enable a better flow of nutrients and oxygen, significantly accelerating regenerative processes. Growth factors activate fibroblast synthesis and collagen growth, which improves skin elasticity and firmness. They also contribute to the replacement of
damaged cells with new ones.


NOTE: LarensUSA America is the sole US importer of LARENS skin care products made by the WELLU GROUP in Europe. To learn more about the LARENS PROFESSIONAL LINE, please visit and on the home page click on the link “Professional Line” which includes a catalog of PRO LINE products. The website is displayed in many languages, so click on EN for English.




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